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  • Domaine d'Astiès

    Domaine d'Astiès 

    34490 Thézan les Béziers - Website : ICI

    Come taste the olive oil from the Astiès Estate made only from French varieties. Cold pressed, its intense freshness, its rich aromas are backed by the expertise of Catherine Dussol, a passionate olive producer.
    The “Cuvée Emré” is the exceptional vintage from the Domaine d’Astiès : our vary favorite selection is reinvented every year. It has a very intense fruitiness, an expressive nose and a nice lingering palate.
    The Cuvée Emré seamlessly assembles oils from old Olivière, Picholine and Aglandau olive trees.

    Come to the Domaine d’Astiès, you will be welcome to share a passion !
    Our doors are opened for those who decide to enter this world and learn more about the French olive oil from the Languedoc. Come to the Astiès Estate, you will be welcome to share a passion!
    Our range of varietal Olive Oils will seduce you. Their different characters will quickly become familiar to you. Tomato and fresh almond aromas, brought by the Olivière, a typical French variety from Languedoc. The Aglandau oil is marked by aromas of raw artichoke and fresh grass. Visits only by appointment at +336. You can also reach us via the messaging application WhatsApp.

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